Gianna Valdez

writer of poetry and prose

Inside the Mind of Tragedy


The deepest touch of human emotion is conveyed through the words in Inside the Mind of Tragedy. Its four sections — Life, Emotions, Death, Hope — each have their own heartbeats and bring to life a different set of thoughts and feelings. Written from different places of pain, joy and everything in between, Inside the Mind of Tragedy lives to show that with all bad things, with all pain, there are endless amounts of hope to make up for the hurt. 


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What Being Emotional has Taught Me

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“I have felt along for so long that typing these words feels as though I am typing the only thing that anyone needs to know about me. The fact that I am lonely. I am loneliness itself. Feeling empty around the ones I love. Feeling like nothingness around people who expect so much from me. What do you expect? Why do you even have expectations? I am hell. I am tears. I am scars. I am empty. Nothing, that is what I am, yet you continue to search my eyes for any sign of life when all that is left are the remnants of the person I once was. The person I once could’ve loved.”

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